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Gourmet Popcorn Flavors

We try very hard at POP-KIE'S to have something for everyone. With such a wide variety of flavors, how do you choose?

Discover your "Popcorn Personality":

Classic - You are a popcorn purist. You know what you like and you stick to it. Sometimes it's sweet caramel and other times it's rich cheddar. If this sounds like you, browse our classic flavors and prepare to be wowed!

Candied - You like to experiment. A little Traverse City cherry here, a little Michigan blueberry there. You are game for anything as long as it is sweet and colorful.

Savory - You are truly adventurous. Dill Pickle popcorn? You bet! Hot Jalapeno? Bring it on! You won't believe the options POP-KIE'S has.

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Chocolate Lover's - Are you a choc-o-holic? Once you try one of our chocolate popcorn flavors you will be seriously hooked. Know any other choc-o-holics? Send them some and get them hooked too!

Nut Lover's - Caramel corn and nuts are your ultimate dream. If you can't imagine one with out the other, check out your options in this category! You won't be sorry!

Classic Flavors  
NaturalNatural - Our most basic flavor of all--a little salt and oil, nothing else. Light and Delicious!

Butter Butter Corn - Popcorn with a rich buttery flavor. Everyone loves this one!

KettleKettle Corn - This festival favorite can be enjoyed any time of year--our sweet and salty recipe has kept customer after customer coming back for more. Tantalize your taste buds today!
CaramelCaramel Corn - Some people make glazed corn, toffee corn or sweetened corn. This is none of the above. Our recipe with brown sugar and vanilla produces true crunchy caramel corn in every sense. Don’t be fooled by imposters. This is the real deal. CheddarCheddar Corn - Cheddar popcorn as you’ve never had it before! We melt real cheddar cheese (not a powder) and tumble it right on fresh-popped corn. Cheese enthusiasts around the world agree---POP-KIE’S cheddar corn reigns supreme! Front Street BlendFront Street Blend - We’ve taken our two best-sellers, caramel corn and cheddar corn and combined them for a scrumptious salty-sweet experience. Some may know this as “Chicago-style” but who needs the Windy City when the real action is right in Northern Michigan?
Savory Flavors  
Hickory BBQ - A sweet, salty, tomato BBQ flavor with a hint of hickory. Memphis has nothing on this one! Dill Pickle - By far, our most popular of the savory popcorn flavors! You have to try it to believe it--then you’ll see why it has a cult following. Pucker up!
Hot Jalapeno - Not for the faint of heart, this one is our hottest. If you can take the heat, this one’s for you.
Parmesan Garlic - A Classic Italian combination. Sharp Parmesan cheese melded with flavorful garlic. Mangia!
Pizza - What do you get when you mix the flavors of pepperoni, tomato and cheese on popped corn? That would be our ever popular pizza corn. Hey, you can even eat it cold for breakfast! Salt & Vinegar - Just like the popular potato chip flavor, this is salty and tangy at the same time. Absolutely addictive.

Zesty Ranch - America’s favorite salad dressing translated into popcorn. Our popcorn seasoned with garlic, buttermilk, onion and parsley--no lettuce required.

Tex Mex - Never been to the Alamo? Don’t worry. Our Mexican seasoning blend of garlic, jalapeno, onion and cilantro will take you there. The jalapeno gives this just the right amount of “kick”--it’s our second hottest flavor.

White Cheddar - Savory white cheddar popcorn is always a crowd-pleaser. Tangy, and sharp--one bite and you’ll be hooked.

Sour Cream and Chives - Delicious mild, creamy flavor with a hint of herbs. Sensational!

Candied Flavors  
Blue Raspberry - While not an actual fruit flavor, the blue raspberry has become iconic in American society. We had to include it in our store and now it’s online too.
Caramel AppleCaramel Apple - The best of two worlds. Our world famous caramel corn mixed with delightful hints of apple. Cherry Berry - Our Holy Trinity of candied popcorn. Traverse City Cherry, Michigan Blueberry and Blue Raspberry. A berry, berry good mix…
Cookies & CreamCookies & Cream - This popular pair made it’s debut in ice cream but tastes even better as popcorn. It’s our vanilla glazed popcorn tossed with chocolate sandwich cookies. Cinnamon Apple - Sweet cinnamon corn mixed with our green apple corn. This will take you back to your childhood.
Cinnamon - Sweet cinnamon candied corn with a hint of spice.
Go Blue! - Maize and blue candied popcorn to bring out the wolverine in you.
Go State! - Green and white candied popcorn to show your fighting spirit.
Michigan Blueberry - Blue popcorn? Why not! True blueberry flavored candied corn.
Orange Cream - Treat yourself to the flavors of a creamsicle. Our vanilla and orange candied popcorn paired together--an American favorite. Pina Colada - Ah--the sun, the sand . . . what? No time for a vacation? Close your eyes and try some of this tropical popcorn. You’ll be transported to the island of your choice, in your imagination of course… RainbowRainbow Popcorn - A best-seller with kids, this is a fiesta waiting to happen! Five fruit flavors make this a winning mix. Traverse City cherry, lemon, orange, grape and green apple--ideal for the young and young at heart.

Strawberry Banana - Like Abbott and Costello, Lucy and Desi, Felix and Oscar, why is this duo so fun? Which flavor is better? Cool banana or yummy strawberry? There’s only one way to find out.

Toffee - Classic toffee flavor glazed right on our fluffy popcorn. How do we do it? We’ll never tell!

Traverse City Cherry - We love cherries here in Traverse City. It is, after all ,the cherry capital of the world! Like a sun-ripened cherry, this sweet red popcorn will surely brighten your day.

Watermelon - Pink and sweet, this one tastes as juicy as the real thing (without the seeds).

Nut Lover's Popcorn  
Cherry Capital CrunchCherry Capital Crunch - A truly Northern Michigan treat! Our famous caramel corn is taken to a new level by the addition of jumbo cashews and dried Traverse City cherries. A local favorite to enjoy anywhere!
Peninsula Peanut Crunch - The classic combination of caramel corn and peanuts for those who like the traditional but crave the exceptional.
Northern Nut Crunch - Born from customer requests, this is our caramel corn mixed with pecans and almonds. Just goes to show, if you ask for it we’ll make it!
Chocolate Lover's Popcorn  
Cherry Cordial - Reminiscent of a cherry cordial, we take our Traverse City Cherry popcorn and cover it with milk chocolate. A delicious twist to an old classic.
Chocolate Peanut Butter - Milk chocolate caramel corn and peanut butter caramel corn. A mouthwatering combination that sells out in our store every time.
Chocolate Rendezvous - An exquisite gathering of milk, white and dark chocolate covered caramel corn -- in one place. A chocolate lover’s dream come true!
Dark Chocolate Explosion - Caramel corn enrobed in dark chocolate. Milk Chocolate Explosion - Caramel corn enrobed in milk chocolate. White Chocolate Explosion - Caramel corn enrobed in white chocolate.


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